Fem tips för att förbättra just ditt lag!

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Fem tips för att förbättra just ditt lag!

Inlägg  Stroganoff i sön sep 25, 2011 4:32 pm

Tog det här från forumet. Very Happy En kille som har haft lite kul Twisted Evil . Det här var min favoritdel! Om det är någon som vill läsa hela artikeln så finns den här: http://www93.hattrick.org/Community/Press/?ArticleID=13755
Cred till: W-dic från Slovenien
Way 5:

Before important matches you have to perform a ritual to the gods of random of HT. The ritual has to be completed in perfect order and 100% determination. Oh, and one more thing, you will need a Chinese guy in your team.

So this is how it goes:
1. Read the whole section 16-Psychology in HT rules. Have to read it out loud.

2. When you get to Team Spirit section, you have to be wearing only upper part of your team match kit and nothing else. Use away match kit for away matches.

3. At section Confidence you have to take ketchup and mayonnaise and start putting them on the plate and mixing it, while humming your Chinese player last name!

(In order for this to work you have to use Heinz ketchup:

4. Section team attitude. Start yelling that you are the best and put that mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise on your hair (if you are bald just on your head). Rub it in seven times just to be sure it will work!

5. Run up and down your home for 9 times and return to your computer just as the match is about to start. Watch the match and enjoy the lovely surprise of the match.

6. Make sure you have recorded your ritual. Then put it on YouTube and send the link to me over HT mail. Thank you.

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